Estate Planning

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An estate plan is a series of documents where you direct your loved ones how to care for you and your assets in the event you are unable to. A basic estate plan includes your will; financial and medical powers of attorney; HIPPA form; deposition of remains; and, guardianship appointment. At Tanner Law, we listen to what your goals are and advise you on how to achieve those goals through your estate plan.


Elder Law

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Attorneys that specialize in Elder Law focus on the needs of the senior population. At Tanner Law, we focus on estate planning tailored to seniors, asset protection, disability planning, Medicare qualification, Social Security and Disability claims. We will meet you and your loved one where they feel most comfortable either in their home, assisted living facility, or at a conference space provided by our firm. Our aim is to treat you and your loved one with sensitivity, while accomplishing the financial and legal protections you need.


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Whether your loved one left you with a will or not, their estate must go through probate. We can walk you through the process of proving up your loved one’s will in court and then provide assistance to the executor while he or she wraps up the estate. We also assist families who must go through the heirship process when their loved one did not leave a will. Our goal is to provide affordable and sound probate representation and guidance.




Guardianships are required for individuals unable to act on their own behalf because they are either minors or incapacitated. Tanner Law represents guardians through the guardianship process and can serve as their attorney on record. We strive to support and guide guardians throughout their appointment.